1. St Rémy is my very favorite market! I stayed in St Rémy two years ago and can't wait to return! ( I would have stayed in the Bonbonniere again but it was full).
    Amanda P.

  2. The pictures are the best I've seen !!The photogragher did a superb job !! Of course the article is interesting, but this time we need to acknowledge the superb photography !!

  3. The article and photos are wonderful, and the market so colorful. Today I will go to market in Panama – I hope it is as half as pretty. Thank you Susan!

  4. Hi Centime,
    Thanks for the nice feedback! What are the markets like in Panama?

  5. I will pass those nice comments on to the photographer, who is Towny!Merci!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Oh, I am sorry that La Bonbonniere was full–please try again next time. We have more apartments and houses on our website now, too:www.RentOurHomeInProvence.com.

    Thanks for your note! Good to hear from you.

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