1. We are just moments – literally – back from Tuscany and Rome and wish we were on our way to Provence… for the market at Apt, for the comfort and beauty of Lourmarin, for the produce, the wine, the cheese, the honey… I love this post because it enlivens each memory I had of our trip to Provence. I can feel, hear, taste, smell and see everything so clearly!

    I can't wait to cook some petite epautre – soup comes to mind as it is getting chilly in the desert. (we have VERY different standards for what "chilly" means here! It is all the way down to 60 this morning!!)

    And, as I sit on a chair in the front courtyard, I wish we could get a set of this cushions to soften our morning time in the garden.

    Thank you, Susan, for this – for the memories of past visits and the dreams of future visits!

  2. Susie and Towny,
    This was definitely my favorite Trobadors to date. I loved the APT Market !! It looked like an excellent way to spend the whole day !! The Atelier Buisson-Kesslar Pottery is so whimsical and fun. I'd like to try the Fruit Confit and the Petet Espeautra grain. Iguess I'd like to eat my way through the whole market , but,in vulgar terms that would be a "Gut buster" !!

  3. Hi David and Mark,
    We cannot wait to hear about what you come up with for the epeautre! We wish we had gone to this market when you were here….la prochaine fois, oui?

  4. Hi MMN! You would love the market in Apt and all the rest of them here, too. I so wish you would come over with us! Thanks so much for your post! SVP, post again!

  5. Can't believe a year has passed since we were there! Loved the pictures of the town. Brought back some fond memories. Terri

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