1. As great now as the first time I read this, though this time through copious tears. What a life your little Pal led, bringing such joy to yours. I am so sad for you and for her and will miss her precious little face. xxx

  2. We are very sad to hear of the passing of Pal. Jennifer still talks about the time Pal slept with her, while visiting with you. Reading her story, melts my heart. Thank you for reposting it.
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Sharon & Jennifer

    1. Sharon (and Jennifer, too), Thank you for this lovely note AND for your telephone call. Both warmed my heart! I will return the call very soon. much love to you two, too!

  3. First of all, my sad condolences. A dog lover all my life, now living with a mature Golden Retriever Sam and his young Chihuahua sidekick Oliver……life becomes bereft of joy without a canine. So fortunate you both were to have each other!

    A small addendum, when in France, my husband and I noticed the abundance of dogs and felt right at home.

    Best of wishes,

    1. Linda, Thank you for your lovely note. A 60-ish friend of mine told me that she counts her remaining years in terms of the number of dogs she can have. They are very special, aren’t they?

  4. I’m very sorry to hear this new. I’m sure Pal was a much loved member of the family.
    (Was Pal friends with little Gizmo in Lourmarin?)

    1. Roberta, I don’t know if she was friends with little Gizmo in Lourmarin. Your question reminds me that a friend of ours in California attended a lecture by a women who has a family home in Lourmarin and who has often traveled there herself. After the lecture, my friend talked with this speaker and inquired as to whether she knew us. She initially said that she did not but, as they talked and our friend mentioned our dog, a beagle, the woman said that she indeed remembered meeting Americans with a beagle! Pal was our ambassador!

  5. As I reread this, I had to keep reminding myself that Pal didn’t actually type this out on your iPad. Or did she? Pal was one of the sweetest dogs ever and I will sorely miss her. Biggest of hugs from both of us, David

    1. Thank you for those hugs. The loss of our Pal was huge for us. My emotions are just beginning to catch up with my intellect in accepting that helping to send her to canine heaven was the humane thing to do.

  6. FAMOUS !!!

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