1. i loved revisiting Les Pastras today while reading the story and seeing the photos of yours and Pam’s grape stomping adventure. Such fun to have in September! Greetings to the Pepins from Central California. Cheers!

    1. You would love the grape stomping experience (and the bandana would suit you much better than it did me!). Lots of laughing. Learning about grape harvesting is also very interesting for those who have had not experience. All in such a beautiful setting, as you know!

  2. Ah! You really did go grape-stomping and visit your truffle tree. What fun!!! (But I do have to wonder/ is there a foot bath? Or, do folks really make and drink the wine? Really? LOL!).

    1. Yes, there is definitely a disinfectant footbath BUT these grapes will not be used to make any wine. They will be relegated to compost. However, I do confess to tasting a tad bit of juice!

  3. God bless those ladies who put on toenail polish to stomp the grapes. The polish goes so well with purple feet!

    1. Lisa and Johann might consider adding a pedicure option before the stomp begins! I know I had my nails done explicitly for this adventure!

  4. I enjoyed especially those happy feet–ces pieds heureux!–tromping around
    in those delicious grapes and their scrumptious juice. Looks like
    fun! Merci!

  5. You even wore a kerchief on your head. Just like Lucy! I can only imagine how awkward it would be to stomp grapes… glad you had – and enjoyed – the experience.

    1. Awkward doesn’t capture the whole experience but you can see by my face that it was a large part of it! But, very fun from picking the grapes to enjoying the wines they have produced (not from grape stomping!).

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