1. One of the most memorable meals of my life, there in the shade of a chestnut tree, with gorgeous views, simple but sublime food, free-flowing wine, and the best imaginable company! – Mark

  2. Ditto from this computer! Truly one of the most memorable afternoons I have ever had! I definitely want/need to go back again soon! ~ David

  3. What FUN, especially for the children !! That will be a memorable experience that years from now they'll remember and tell their grandchildren about the time they had dinner with the animals.

    The adults will no doubt remember the delicious food and wine and festive day as well as the special four footed guests.

    So, I hope you take plenty of pictures to show friends and

  4. continued from previous post: relatives. I have a feeling you're making some very important memories.

  5. Here in the UK winter is setting in with short days, dull and wet, then I read your article, it brings a smile to my face and reminds me of summer, thank you so much Susan.

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