1. somehow my morning oatmeal is not what i want this am — shirred eggs with truffles would for sure fit the bill. what a great piece — thanks for it. enjoy your meal!! global grammy

  2. I am now thinking that I will head to the store to see what they have in the way of Oregon truffles for dinner tonight! Some year, I will definitely get to Provence for the black truffle festival and then, in another year, to the white truffle festival in Alba, Italy! For now, though, I will live vicariously – yet again – through your wonderful post! Fantastic photos of the Wells Memorial Library, truffle products and the soup! And wonderful memories of our Babette's Feast dinner long ago… and the truffled Madeira sauce on the quail… ~ David

  3. Hi Susan- Very inspiring- I wonder where I could find truffles in nyc- maybe Zabars? Your daughter's drawing of Notre Dame is just extraordinary for an 11 year old! I loved reading this post. Thanks!



  4. Why not try the australian truffle experience?
    tuber melanosporum is beingcultivated very successfully in eastern australian state of new south wales, particularly in the Canberra, Braidwood , Tarago and Marulan areas.
    The next truffle harvesting season should commence in early june of 2013. To learn more, contact Anne of Tarago Truffles – dasturgi@activ8.net.au

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