1. Hi Susan. I would love to go to Les Pastras with you next time you’re here in Provence. In the meantime, I will start training puppy Lucas, with the truffe you stashed in my freezer, so he’s ready for the adventure!

    1. I have great expectations for that little fellow! Stuff the tennis ball with the truffle–sacrifice the truffle for the future!–and start training tomorrow!

  2. Hi Susan

    So glad you and your group were able to visit Les Pastras. I really enjoyed the truffle hunt and would recommend it to anyone traveling in the area during the summer. Bought some truffle oil and salt from them and still using it on my morning scabbled eggs. Lovely memory of my experience. Thanks for the post and sharing their story. Germaine

    1. Thanks for recommending Les Pastras so highly. I am so very glad we went! I came home with the truffle oil and salt, too, and might just sprinkle a little on some eggs tomorrow! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Fascinating, thank you for sharing, I had no idea that there are summer truffles! I too visit Lourmarin from USA having lived there in 2012, I will be there in early October and will be sure to check out whether there are ay truffles about as well as some good rose, I hear the 2014 vintage is better than the 2013?!

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Early October is one of my favorite times to go! Probably too early for winter truffles and too late for summer ones, BUT, as I wrote above the truffle oil and salt from Les Pastras is excellent (and I am very particular about both!).

      Happy rosé tasting–one of my favorite things to do! What are your favorite rosés? Do you know my other blog–ProvenceWineZine.com?

      Thanks so much for your comment, Caroline!

      1. Hi Susan, great to hear back from you. I had actually reached out to you when I first discovered your delightful blog whilst living in Lourmarin in 2012/13 but think maybe you never got my message. Through your website link I met Walter & stayed in Les Nids d’hirondelles last year, loved it!, so thank you! Although I live in San Francisco I am actually English and as much as I love California, Lourmarin has stolen my heart. I’d love to understand more about your connection there and how you found it as I think you live on the East Coast? Perhaps we could email; carolinelongstaffe@gmail.com. Yes I do know & follow your fabulous wine blog. My favorite rose currently is Le Leoube which I first found in a deli here and then at the amazing Daylesford barns in the Cotswold in UK (here’s he link to my post about my visit there; http://bit.ly/1Aoxtps), do go there if you in the UK!) only to discover, at a wonderful local pub,The Wild Rabbit, which they also own, that in fact they own Le Leoube winery too….it’s a small world!! Love to chat to you more!

  4. Hi all.
    Our First post on the blog. We visit Provence regularly as we are in the UK so a

    1. Thanks so much for posting on the blog! it was great to hear about your experience at Les Pastras, too!

  5. We visited Les Pastras last year & like you enjoyed the experience. We to are now hooked on Truffles. Did you try the excellent truffle oil? We brought some home & use it in many dishes. As have not been able to get back to Provence this year unfortunately but planning a trip or 2 early next year. We will certainly visit Lisa & Johann again next year. I wasn’t aware of the summer truffle fete so will look out for that. Thanks for sharing

    1. What a fun experience and we learned a lot, too! I did, indeed, try that truffle oil and loved it! Brought some back as well as some salt! I would like to visit during the late fall for another hunt!

  6. Well, I have to say that “a surfeit of truffles” sounds like bragging to me! 🙂 This must have been a blast – and wasn’t it fun to learn that bees are being used to hunt truffles, as well? This post made me want truffles now… but sadly, there is no direct pipeline from Les Pastras to Tucson. Also, I had no idea there were summer truffles – perhaps too much rosé for me, too?

    1. Hi David,

      So interesting that you also were unaware of summer truffles. They were very good and the hunt was a blast, as you guessed, and we would do it again in the winter.

      Bees and their ability to find truffles was fascinating. Do you recall where Kathy found that information?

      Johann wanted me to let you know that through the Les Pastras truffle tree adoption program, you can receive (directly to your home) 100gr of winter black truffles from them. For the other products (winter
      truffle oils and truffles salt) they have a distributor in the US (http://www.thefrenchmarket.us) and a portion of that income goes to benefit orphans in Haiti.

      I am thrilled that one of our good friends adopted a tree in our name!

      Thanks for your comment!

      1. Hmmmm. I will have to look into adopting a tree! Hmmmmm…

        I will ask Cathy about the truffle-hunting bees, and will keep you posted!

  7. Thanks for that really interesting post. I had no idea there were summer truffles. In Oregon we have white truffles (Tuber oregonense), also much less intense than black Provencal truffles, but still nice. They come after the rains, in the fall and winter.

    1. Hi Sue,
      I’m glad to know I am in good company in being unaware of summer truffles! They are definitely worth a try! Thanks, as always, for your comment!

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