1. I've always wanted to visit Provence to see the lavender but your recent posts have inspired me to seriously consider truffles…in the winter!

  2. Provence in the winter is chilly but the skies are usually clear and blue and there are no long lines people or our buses! Go!

  3. Oh my – what a blast it would be to be there for this. (Although I have to admit it looks very cold!) It made me think we need to reprise the Babette's Feast dinner sometime! ~ David

  4. As an old friend, I seem to remember that you collect pigs….don't get any ideas about Pepette!

  5. Brilliant idea to recreate our version of Babette's Feast…I will volunteer to go get the truffles!

  6. Yes, as a matter of fact, my collection continues to today. I don't have any designs on Pepette but she sure is sweet!

  7. Hi Susan, My sister and I attended the truffle fete in Richerenches Jan., 2007. We came the week before she attended Patricia Wells truffle cooking class in Vaison La Romain.
    The fete was one of the highlights of my many trips to France. We attended the truffle Mass, saw the truffle auction and attended the truffle dinner where every course was based around the truffle from amuse bouche to dessert. We had gotten tickets for the event from a friend who lives in Provence. Magnificent time! I am sending you several photos in an email link as I don't know how to post them here.


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