1. Oh, Susan…. you KNOW how much I would love to be there for this festival!! Sigh… Come to think of it, I know how much YOU would love to be there, too! Maybe someday… Bisous! David

  2. I love truffles and wish I could be in Aups this Sunday!

  3. Your readers will appreciate "Black Diamond" by Martin Walker who lives in the Perigord and writes wonderful novels about Bruno, the policeman in a Perigordan village. His web site:http://www.brunochiefofpolice.com/

  4. Thank you, Nancy. Just ordered a copy from amazon.fr and can't wait to read it!

  5. The festival looks like a real hoot! Pure fun and lots of good food and drink. And, there is that pig! The truffle-hunting dog competition would be a lot of fun to watch, too!

  6. Nancy, thanks so much for bringing this book–and his whole series–to my attention. Like my good friend and photographer Pam (above), I am going to order it too.

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