1. Ah Susan, you are making me so hungry! What a lovely entry. We must share more dining experiences, "combining good food, good wine and good friends…" this summer.

  2. I had to stop reading this and heat up some leftover pasta. Your photos are so so good. They make me want to gobble up the ingredients, let alone the finished products. I hope you'll post more as you make your way through the book. And thank you for having given me two of my favorite books – Well's The Provencal Cookbook and Gopnik's The Table Comes First.

  3. p.s. Pic of you and Patricia is way cute. And I think you're wearing the same shoes!

  4. Susan, you have inspired me to buy another Patricia Welles cookbook. I have made every recipe in the one I own and can't wait to make the ones you have pictured in your article.

  5. I am looking forward to your return to our table (and I will make sure to remind Dennis about that big bottle of Garrus!) Happy sailing!

  6. There are many more delectable-looking recipes in her new book–I know I will be making more! I may have to start with the Pomegranate and Buttermilk Sorbet that you made! I hope my brother will save some pomegranates for me!

    I enjoyed chatting with Patricia. She looked terrific and not much different than she did, probably fifteen years ago, when we attended an event at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There, the chef of one of the museum's restaurants prepared a lunch, based on the recipes from one of her new books. Patricia came by each table and chatted.

    I look forward to hanging out in the kitchen with you sometime soon!

  7. I don't think I have ever gone wrong with one of her recipes! Let's spend some time in the kitchen with her new book when you come to visit!

  8. Would love to have been at that lunch. Remember what they served?
    And, yes, moi aussi. Come stay at l'Hovel.

  9. Your question has thrown me for a loop. I don't at all recall what we had other than it was very good. I thought it was part of her book tour for "Patricia Wells At Home in Provence," but that book is not signed. "The Food Lover's Guide to Paris" is signed so it must have been a luncheon to promote that book (published in 1999). I only remember that Towny and I went with neighbor Heidi who is an accomplished cook and loves Patricia Wells…I wonder if Heidi's memory is any better…

  10. Oh my goodness! How many people do you have to your home for dinner? How do I get on the invitation list?

  11. Susan, the cookbook sounds great. I will definitely check it out. I was in Vaison in September and wandered the upper medieval village. I passed many lovely entryways and would not be surprised to find that one had been hers. Lovely village!

  12. I have learned a lot from Patricia Wells about beiing organized and having all the ingredients ready to go. Has anyone else ever been in the middle of cooking and discovered that the spice she was looking for had disappeared from it's usual place in the cupboard, thus requiring a quick trip to the store ?
    Aside from a "go to" person ,(like a husband), at your beck and call ,this can a problem.
    As usual, the pictures are so tempting that I wish I had a tasting spoon for each dish!
    An interesting blog and, as always, a desire to don an apron and ,get cooking !!!

  13. Susan – how lucky you were to be there! Your preparations (and the mise en place for each) are beautiful. What fool would say 'no' to a dinner at your home? The new book is so beautiful – and there are so many great recipes within! Now, if we only had time to make them all… ~ David

    PS – thanks for the shout-out for C&L! I love the pain de mie, but the saffron and honey brioche sounds amazing!

  14. We have really enjoyed cooking our way through this book but my favorite remains "Patricia Wells at Home in Provence." It is a nice village–I really like the market there, too!

  15. Hmmm….I think you would have to move out of the anonymous category! But, thanks for the note!

  16. Many a time have I realized midway through a recipe that we are missing a key ingredient. That's why the mise en place is such a good idea…sigh, if I only had the patience to do it every time!

  17. Hi David,
    Yes, we do need that bumper sticker that reads something like–so many wonderful meals to make, so little time!" This was a fun post for me, beginning with hearing PW speak and meeting her and doing all the "research" necessary to write the post!

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