1. Wow – these are wonderful! They have a charm that is almost describable – yet naïf seems to work so well! I must admit to two favorites – Les Melons and Marseilles – Vieux Port! I wish I could be there to do the rounds with you, Susan!

  2. I wish I could transport you two–for your company but,also, because you could enrich my experience with your vast knowledge of art! The web site does not include all of the paintings, but it does give one a feel for all the wonderful work that makes up the exhibition. The paintings make you smile, don't they?

  3. susan — just spent the better part of 30 minutes perusing your art show post. i'm for sure going to look into these painters more fully. some of them remind me of a "primitive" artist, vesty davis, who painted NYC and Coney Island themes. again with little people and great color. this post was great. thanks and continued enjoyment of the show whilst you are there. global grammy

  4. What I loved most about these – and what brought a smile to my face even before looking at the subject – was the free and untethered use of color. You mentioned the light in the Brazilian pieces, but they all have a great glow about them. Until really looking at this, my only experience with this style of art had been Grandma Moses, and her colors were so dark,depressing and murky… But, considering the New England weather, I can't blame her! And light? There was none! I never recall a GM painting that showed shadows proving that there was sun!

    And then the subjects – la vie quotidienne! That is what makes them so special… the fact that they aren't really special at all! Thank you again for this post, and for wishing we were there with you! We are, I'm spirit!

    Bisous, D (my iPad wants to turn bisous into Byalis!)

  5. Hi Global Grammy,
    So glad you enjoyed the post. I looked up Vesty Davis and his work seems to be the very same style….remarkably similar. Thanks so much for mentioning him!
    So good to hear from you!

  6. C&L, So funny to read your comments about Grandma Moses. Imagine had she lived in Tucson!

  7. How much fun it would be to be in Loumarin for Jacqueline Bricard's NAIF art exhibit !!

    The NAIF artwork combines simplicity with elegance. The people are so sweet and innocent.The picnic scene is reminiscent of a bygone era when pleasures were simple and people were less sophisticated and more civil.
    It is like a breath of fresh air that encircles us with nostalgia and leaves us with a happy memory of the way we were.

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  9. Beautiful, congratulations.

    patricia henricy cruzalegui
  10. The anonymous contributer who wrote that the naïf style artist combines simplicity with elegance is exactly right! Most artists of this style do try to draw us in with the simple pleasures of life. I am still thinking about so many of those paintings!

  11. Thank you to Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui! It was such a pleasure to write this piece! Such beautiful work and interesting people!

  12. Susan, I just visited the exhibit in Lourmarin and was very impressed. I love the paintings you selected. One painter that you did not discuss in your article, that I really liked, was VERCRUYCE. I particularly like "Entre Chats". The brushwork was very detailed–the photos do not do them justice! Thanks for covering the exhibit, glad I went!

  13. Susan, thanks to your note and the poster you left for us at la Bonbonnière, we visited Mme. Bricard's gallery and also the exhibition at the Chateau–wonderful! She certainly is an enthusiastic booster of art naïf, and we had two delightful conversations with her. Thanks for tipping us to this exhibit!

  14. Congratulations!!!

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