1. Mention should perhaps also be made of music at the château, which for me would be the main attraction. Under way right now and through May is a series of concerts, Les Quatuors à Cordes, and other musical events are scheduled throughout the year, organized in partnership with the nearby Abbey of Silvacane, one of the magnifique Three Sisters of Provence. Brian.

  2. Salut! Like Brian, I think the music would appeal to us a lot! The Renaissance Fair sounds like fun, too, and we can only imagine it would be more fun and more authentic that its American counterparts! Besides, everything would sound better in French! Comment dites-on wench en francais? ~ David

  3. Dear Brian,
    You are so right! There are concerts on the schedule right now and the typical season runs well into the fall. Readers can visit http://www.chateau-de-lourmarin.com to see the current program. I can confirm that hearing a little Mozart in the grand chamber of the chateau is magical!

    There is also usually some jazz in the chateau during the summer. And while on the subject of music in Lourmarin, the nearby Temple de Lourmarin (the Protestant church), also hosts many musical events. It is one of the venues for the fantastic Festival International de Piano in La Roque d'Antheron (a neighboring village). Readers can visit http://www.festival-piano.com to learn more about this program (July 20 – August 18, 2013).

    Thank you for bringing this subject to our attention! I think you would very much enjoy some early music in the chateau!

  4. Coucou David!

    "Wench" in French? I am afraid to hazard a guess! But, thinking about how a Renaissance Festival in France would differ from one in the States is really interesting. I know, from our conversations with Caroline Galina at the chateau, that this festival is a lot less commercial than those I have seen in the States. It sounds like the focus is (really) on the activities one might have experienced around 600 years ago.

    And re the music, will we ever forget the concert we attended in the nearby Protestant Church?!

  5. A brief history of the château would not be complete without mention of the role of Raoul Dautry. I will encourage his granddaughter, Françoise Kinzel, to share a bit of info with you. Françoise connaît bien le château.Thanks for this interesting post!!!

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