1. What an interesting post, great detail! Thanks so much for this.


  2. Fabulous! Were the Vaudois considered non-Catholic even before the Protestant Reformation began (Luther's 95 theses were posted in 1517)? Surely the villages weren't separated into Protestant and Catholic before that date? Or were there Vaudois villages and Catholic villages?
    Thank you so much for all of this. Sounds and looks like a wonderful village to find. -Catherine

  3. This was really interesting – and I think I would love to visit Cabrières d'Aigues. SO sad that we were close so many times and didn't see it! The olive oil mill is identical the ones I saw in Morocco – and the presses, too. Thanks for another great post!

  4. As usual your posts introduce us to something different yet typical of this wonderful part of France, itself a wonderful part of the world.Having visited only a small part of the general area of Provence, I learn something new each time I read The Modern Troubadours. Your love of the region, and respect for its customs, traditions and the rhythm of daily life shies through. It wets my appetite to return and discover ore and I thank you for it

  5. Susan,
    Another beautifully written story from your personal files. You are so fortunate to be connected with such interesting people.

    Thanks for sharing them with us. Well done.!!

  6. Violets. That was the aroma upon my first sip of the Viognier Vaudois. Often the "nose" disappears as I continue to imbibe. But not with this wine. Every sip was accompanied by a gentle and exquisitely floral note of violets. It is sad that the fragrant violet is rare these days, but you need to trust me – this wine has it! It is light, floral, overtones of pear and honey – maybe even chevrefeuille – and the more I sipped, the more this wine has become my favorite French white. It was great with scallops, and I can see it with lobster, chicken, pintade, pork, duck – almost anything. It has a sweetness consistent with most viognier wines, but not at all cloying or heavy. I am so sad that this wine isn't available in the U.S. Do I really need to go to Vaudois next week to get a case? Violets…

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