1. Quelle stresse! As I prepare to go to my Sunday market, these photos and this essay make me wish it opened an hour earlier! I loved the market in Cucuron – not just for the cheese guy, but for the incredible ambiance provided by the pool and plane trees. Just so beautiful. I have to say that I would love to see the Gordes market so I could check out the linens and other locally made items… And, oddly, sometimes my favorite section can be the traveling hardware store! I am glad your stress is over for the day… What about next week? ~ David

  2. How fondly I remember the Cucuron market from several summers ago. The dappled shade, the dark still water, the vibrant produce, glistening jars of preserves, the quiet babble from the cafes are indelibly etched in my memory. Most astonishing was the immense Mediterranean paella, as large and improbably beautiful as a stained glass window. – Mark

  3. Travel writers seem to focus so much on Isle-sur-la-sorgue and Aix-en-Provence markets that these smaller markets are overlooked. But markets like Tours d'Aigue and Cucuron are two of the best, I think. Thanks for a nice post.

  4. I have been following your blog since we decided to take a family trip to Provence this coming September. We are staying in a home in the neigboring village of Puyvert. Your blog on Tuesday markets is fantastic – markets are very high on our list, not just for the shopping but more for experiencing Provence. My wife and I are retiring in a few years, and we might also be looking for a small place to spend extended time in Provence. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. – Bill

  5. Shame on you Susan! You mentioned the Tuesday market in Lorgues and FORGOT all about the better, not to mention cuter, Tuesday market in Cotignac. D's nose is out of joint. Love you photos. Bis.

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