1. We felt the same way about Lourmarin when we first visited in 1996. We have been back several times since then to visit our good friends, Paul and Françoise Kinzel. My sister and her husband, Harrell and Paul Scarcello, were so smitten when they first visited Lourmarin that they have returned at least once every year since 1997!

  2. i am ready to check in and spend lots of time there. wonderful piece — it really captures the place — i think having not been there — but surely makes me want to go. thanks susan for such a lovely travel story.
    global grammy

  3. Just by accident I found your website this evening, as I was browsing through the "naif" paintings exhibited by Jacqueline Bricard. We had seen them in person, but wanted to review and see which had already been purchased!
    We discovered Lourmarin in the fall of 2005, were totally smitten and returned in spring of 2006. Not really intending to buy a vacation home, but wondering if there were places for sale within our budget, we bought the second apartment we saw and have been part-time Lourmarinois ever since. It seems to be an exceptional town, and even though we appreciate many other villages in Provence, we're always happy to return and happy we chose Lourmarin to live in.
    I'm delighted to have found your website and will definitely sign up. Maybe we will even meet sometime, Susan.
    Judy Whiteman

  4. What a perfect way to describe Lourmarin – through the eyes of one who loves it and through the eyes of one who leads it. And loves it. His love of the village is the perfect platform from which to lead. We, too, felt the immediate welcome and dream of our return trip. Perhaps we will even have the opportunity to meet Mayor Diagne! Merci mille fois, Susan and Towny!

  5. Thanks for your beautiful story. We were in Lourmarin in 2010 and fell in love with it. We hope to return again soon. In the meantime, we enjoy reliving Provence by enjoying your articles.


    Karen & Michael Winnick

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