1. lovely piece — one of my favorites thus far. makes me want to get on a plane. the photos are wonderful — all that food and the beautiful flowers. i felt as if i were there doing the tour. plus my favorite photo is the boutique window display. clever!! global grammy

  2. Ahhh… great memories of our day in Aix at the market followed by lunch at Les Deux Garçons! (Not to mention the stop to find a battery charger for my camera – proof that Aix has it all!) You know, I had forgotten about calissons… so good! I want one now… Lovely post – thanks! ~ David

  3. David,
    I've never thought to look for a recipe for calissons…hmmm. I do have a Patricia Wells' recipe for croquettes that's very good.

    That was a great day! Can I have a do-over?


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  5. I seem to recall a couple of similar window displays from other parts of the world in your portfolio of photographs! Thanks for such nice feedback!


  6. Oh, those markets, so beautiful and tempting.
    Vegetarians beware, you may never leave, which reminds me, my Grandmother would be barred for life. Her crime? she was a tomato squeezer. She'd squeeze every tomato looking for just the right one. The store clerks couldn't get her to stop,or shame her with their polite requests of:"Lady, PLEASE don't squeeze the tomatos".

    I'm sure that when she got to the Gates of Heaven with a tomato in her hand and St.Peter looked puzzled and questioned her about why she brought a tomato to Heaven, She'd smile and be pleased as punch to say: I've finally found a ripe one , so I must be in Heaven and I'm not letting loose of it, come Hell or High Water !!

  7. You MUST be writing about MY grandmother! She, bless her soul, was the same way! I shudder to think what the French farmers would say if she were to "inspect" the tomatoes in the Market! Fortunately, she wouldn't understand them!

  8. I love the range of flowers displayed in the flower market photo. They look lovely. The local produce market also seems like one stop shop where you can get everything you need which would be very convenient. It is a shame though that the markets close so early at 12:30 pm because this means that one cannot enjoy going shopping to the market on a lovely afternoon or in the evenings when most people are free.

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