1. You know, I never think of this when traveling. But Mark was nearly pickpocketed in Rome last time we were there. And I never knew you had TWO cars stolen whitened there! Ouch! ~ David

  2. It can happen anywhere, can't it? I hope readers understand that if precautions are taken, these things are much less likely to happen. (but can never be prevented entirely).

    I feel completely safe in Lourmarin–I would walk home alone after midnight there before I would walk home alone at midnight in my own wonderful town. I wouldn't leave valuables in my car there–and I wouldn't do so in my own driveway here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire!

    Still, I return every year to Lourmarin!


  3. UNBELIEVEABLE that crime can reach it's ugly tenacles into the most beautiful places on earth,including Provence. No matter where you live you are not completely safe anymore, so be alert. Thanks for a well written article and a warning to keep our heads up.

    In the meantime, let's continue to enjoy each day and embrace the warm sunshine because a new day will always bring new hope.

  4. Hello
    I've been living here for 28years now,will not comment on your article as there is so much more than just car thief going on in this area, what I would like to make a small comment on is the Spelling , please remember there is not "é"
    Luberon not Lubéron,

  5. Thank you very much for your comment. Regarding the accent/no accent, I greatly appreciate this feedback. I was initially introduced to, shall we say, "this area," spelled with an accent. I never thought to investigate which spelling is correct because is pronounced as if there were an accent aigu on the 'e'. Your comment prompted me to do a quick search which revealed some very interesting information–so interesting that I may write a post on the subject!. It seems that both spellings are used, but that "Luberon" is the original spelling. So, thank you again for this helpful feedback. I will henceforth eliminate the accent.

    As for car thefts in the Luberon, you are also correct: There IS so much more going on in this area. I have written about much that goes on in this beautiful area and welcome any other ideas/events that may be of interest to readers. Please send information about such topics/events to me.

    Finally, how lucky to live in such a lovely area for so many years!

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