1. I have great affection for the Cadenet market, as it was our first market in Provence.

    When wrote about seeing your vegetable vendor in Cucuron, it reminded me that in both Provençal and Tuscan markets, the vendors travel from town to town. And, if you know the right schedule, you can visit with the same vendors on a daily basis.

    It is similar to revisiting a restaurant – when the proprietor sees you returning often, you develop a friendship of sorts. You get a bit more special service, and perhaps a homemade cordial after dinner on the house.

    In the markets, in addition to a smiling face and the greetings of friends, they might tip the scales a bit in your favor, or toss in an extra beautiful, ripe tomato. But, this isn't done to increase their business – it is done from the warmth of their hearts.

    Would that we were there today in Cadenet, Cucuron, or Lourmarin…

  2. mmmmmmmmm. Would love some of that soup right now!

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