1. Susan,
    Delightful post! I also love the French pharmacy and always make a few trips there just to browse.
    Your weekly letter is great for information and entertainment. I can't wait to get bavk to Provence!
    Best regards,

  2. Many thanks, Susan, for the informative article on the Pharms. Didn't know that about them. We wish we were back there now!
    FS & Judy

  3. Wonderful article, Susan. Vraiment superbe! I wish I could be there, too. Love the photographs by Pierre. Does the Pharmacy have something to cure the addiction to pharmacies?

  4. Mon dieu! I am already in love with Balsofumine and I jphave never even tried it. Have you looked to see of it is available stateside? You asked if this had been something we discussed but I wish we had!

    And I love all the phrases… Especially the one about the figuier!

    As you love the pharmacies, I equally love the hardware stors!


  5. Dear Susan,
    Wow!! After reading your piece about French Pharmacies, I'm ready to pack my bags!
    Who wants to squeeze tomatoes or sample wine when the most entertaining place can be just around the corner from the fruit stand. Who knew?
    I'm sure I could spend the whole day in a Pharmacie and not because of illness!!

    Thanks for such a great article(your best yet).
    Please keep pushing to bring more French type Pharmacies to our neighborhoods.
    Kudos from MMN

  6. Thanks to everyone for their feedback! It's so much fun to hear your thoughts! I had a lot of fun writing this piece on pharmacies; but, when I finished, I said to Towny, "I wonder if anyone else will be interested." Wow– you were! The posts here reflect just a small portion of the feedback I received through all avenues of communication. Thanks to all of you for posting publicly!
    Kindest regards,

  7. Aloha, Susan. I also had the same airplane cold and the same wonderful pharmacy visit in Lourmarin. Our pharmacist spoke very good English, too, so I didn't have to use my rough french. He supplied me with wonderful products that put me on track within a day or two. Thank you so much for your articles. We so enjoy them as you put us back in the quaint streets, sipping an apero, late afternoon at Cafe Gaby. Lovely. Lennie & Doug

  8. SOOOO excited! Père Noël just gave me an early Christmas gift some Balsofumine and an inhalateur!!! Might I be breathing better in 2012???

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