1. Thanks for the thorough discussion of this problem facing the lavender growing region of Provence. Very interesting, yet sad. I fear that as the planet warms and certain insect infestations become more destructive, we may see more examples of this kind of situation. A good reminder we should all be doing all we can to reduce our footprint!

  2. what a wonderful post — beautiful photographs and i learned so much about the different forms of lavender. it surely is sad to learn of the current problems which sound as if they could get worse. thanks for such great reporting.

  3. No, no, no……. Say it isn't so…… I've always wanted to see the lavender fields in Provence!

  4. This is such an alarming post to read. I hope that scientists are able to hybridize a new variety of lavender that is equally as fragrant yet immune to the cicadelle. It would be impossible to imagine Provence without her lavender. In fact, the idea of the Abbaye de Sénanque without the fields of lavender is so very sad. ~ David

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