1. We were in Lourmarin this time last year and the poppies were spectacular. The one time I was in Provence for lavender season it was beautiful, but unbearably hot. I'll take spring with the irises, climbing roses, and red poppies any day! Thanks for this lovely reminder of our trip.

  2. Like Tuscany, the poppies are abundant and such a wonderful harbinger to all the good that is coming at this time of year.

    Do you remember the day we ALMOST saw the lavender? It was just the other side of Bonnieux, and we glimpsed the last unharvested field as we sped by, no doubt on our way to the market. We promised ourselves to return on the same route so that we could get out and sniff (and, of course, photograph!) – but, as we returned, we arrived just in time to find the farmer had just finished harvesting the field. Sigh. We ALMOST saw a field of lavender…

  3. Okay, now I need to book an even longer holiday–from May through July? Alright, I'm going to get there again some day! In the mean time, can't you write about some place like Bakersfield so I am not always dreaming?!

  4. I don't think I'll ever see the fields of lavender in bloom. My husband and I always travel either in the spring or fall for nicer weather. I may get a chance to see the poppies though. I've enjoyed spending times reading your delightful posts and it is always nice to meet another blogger from New Hampshire.

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