1. I'd like to send some of his products as gifts. He lists quite a variety of items online. Are there any particular products that you would suggest as particularly tied to Provence?

  2. Hi George , Any of the lavender and verbena products are like having a little bit of Provence in your home where ever you live. In particular, I like the lavender hand cream and bath salts. Although the Shea butter comes from burkina Faso, that cream is absolutely wonderful… Apparently other people feel the same way because it is their most popular product! Lucky friends and family of George!

  3. Hi George, I have used the men's line from L'Occitane and recommend the shaving balms. There are several fragrances, all suitably masculine but I have a preference for the Verdon. The "A Romantic Escape for Him" set is a nice bundle since it also includes the popular Shea Butter hand cream.

  4. I just received a sample of what I gather is one of their new products: Almond Milk Concentrate for smoother skin. I loved the lotion–it smells good and feels good! So, thought you might want to consider this line for your gifts–the almonds are from Provence and the almond trees are blossoming right now.

    Christine in Moustiers

  5. I had no idea of the company's history. I have to say, when people ask, "With which three famous people would you like to share a meal?" – Olivier might be one of them.

    I feel very fortunate that we have a L'Occitane boutique within a 5-minute walk from the house – and I was just there on Saturday with one of our house guests. I also received the almond milk concentrate sample in the mail and love it.

    ~ David

  6. Loved all the beautiful pictures, thanks for sending me your blog. Love, Lillian

  7. Another lovely piece with pictures to match. Such beautiful vivid colors !!
    I checked out their terrific website and found yet another lesson on pronunciation. Now, afterall the emphasis on pronouncing "Loccitane", I was reminded of a Jack-in-the-Box commercial where Jack had difficulty pronouncing "Chipotle" for the main ingredient in his new sandwich. They hammered him until he was exhausted and he never could pronounce it right (Cha-pote-lay".

    Do you suppose they'll let me in to shop, even if I can't pronounce "Lox-ee-tan" ? Maybe they'll give me a special password fo novices.

    All in jest, of course, I would never cheapen such a classy place.

  8. Hello Susan, once again you bring back so many wonderful memories of our time in Provence. We did visit L'Occitane Boutique in Manosque and my wife Anne loved it, my credit card didn't, the photos also enhance your lovely article, thanks again.

  9. Hi Christine,
    I received that sample, too, and I look forward to trying it! Thanks for your comment!

  10. Hi Lillian,

    I am so glad you enjoyed it! We have to get you to France!


  11. That is SO funny! I can't count the number of times I have heard people struggle with saying "chipotle" peppers! Like L'Occitane, how to pronounce it becomes a long conversation! I think there are a lot of novices out there!

    Thanks for your comment!


  12. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your kind note! It is so easy to find topics to write about–and photos!–when Provence is the subject! Although your neck of the woods in England looks pretty inviting, too!

  13. Salut, my friend! Thanks for the 'shout out' with the link to the citrus almond cake. Yummy, isn't it?

    I had to laugh about the pronunciation of chipotle – a word once so foreign to us has become <> in our Southwest lives…

    Bisous, David

  14. Hi Susan
    If you are ever in this part of the UK, please give us a call.
    Best wishes

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