1. Another lovely post, Susan! Yes, we very much enjoyed our 2003 Pierrevert that you and Towny gave me for my 51st birthday! I look forward to finding some Pierrevert rosé someday. I get rather tired of the ubiquitous American snob response to rosé… "Sorry, I don't drink pink wines…" They equate them all with White Zinfandel and, on that we agree. Remember, 'Friends don't let friends drink White Zinfandel." (It does make a lovely rosemary jelly, though, to accompany lamb dishes…) But I digress. The point is that rosé, like any type of wine, runs the gamut of flavors – remember the one with banana overtones form the Chateau outside of Lourmarin? But they are dry, and have exquisite flavors not to be likened to their tacky pink cousins. I highly recommend that everyone try them and, while lovely in the summer, we are having a bottle with our lunch today in the garden… one from the Côtes du Rhone region… with our herbed quinoa, citrus, pomegranate salad.

  2. Okay , you convinced me.. … I am going out to buy a bottle of rose from Provence tomorrow! It's 25 degrees in Greenwich, CT– I guess that kind of weather demands a rozay ! Nice blog!

  3. Yes, I do remember that rosé with the banana overtones–one of my favorites! There is such a range of tastes and textures in the rosés in Provence–I would love to take a trip devoted solely to tasting them…and, of course, the foods to match!

  4. Hello there. We will be staying in the Luberon–not in your apartment because it was occupied–and we would greatly appreciate your recommendations for wineries to taste pink wine. Thank you. Yours, Lawrence and Louise in Atlanta

  5. I'm glad to see that rose' has made a welcome come back !!
    For sometime that lovely pink wine has endured an undeserved reputation of being tawdry and terribly un-chic.

    And now, due to Modern Trobador's endorsement, "Drum Roll, please………………………………..She's back and better than ever !!"

    My personal favorite is Sophia Copopollo's Sparkling Rose'. It's easy on the eyes and easy on the stomach.

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