1. Thanks for another wonderful read from The Modern Trobadors! It's a very sunny, very HOT Sunday in Malta…and I'd dearly love to be lifting a glass of that lovely rose with my Sunday Brunch. Your description of the chateau and its rose wines reminded me of my first introduction to roses (too many decades ago) and how pitifully poor they were – sweet+simple in the worst possible way – and how wonderfully the quality has improved in the production of roses since then! Enjoy!!! : )

  2. Lovely article, Susan!

  3. i so enjoyed this piece — summertime in all its splendor! plus the wonderful information you always have to share. GG

  4. Looking at Mark's photos really takes me back to the day we visited the chateau. I remember my first taste of this particular rosé's older sister (thank you, M. Mayle!) – the distinct, surprising yet not unwelcome flavor of banana hit my taste buds. We liked it so much that we even brought home two bottles to the U.S., for which we were glad when we opened them the next summer.

    I do hope the new owners continue the tradition of fine wines, especially the rosés…

    Speaking of rosé, I think it is time to chill a bottle for this evening's meal!

    ~ David

  5. Dear Susan,

    Your blog this morning brought back good memories of meeting Monsieur Chevalier in 2008 on our first trip to Lourmarin. So glad we did. Sorry to hear of his passing. The perfect small French winery. Lovely wine…I really liked his red too.



  6. Hi Monte,
    Thanks for your lovely note and for the photos, too. It is clear from the pictures that you and your wife enjoyed yourselves, as have we, at Chateau Constantin-Chevalier. Let's hope that the same spirit inhabits the new endeavor.

  7. Hi Cloe,
    I would gladly fill my suitcase with rosé if I could go to Malta! When you return to Portsmouth, we will open a bottle. Thanks for your note (and for the great NPR link regarding beets!)

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for the positive feedback and thanks for your advice in writing this piece.

  9. Hi GG,
    I suspect there are some decent rosé imports in Florida! Thanks for such nice feedback!

  10. Mark's photos really captured the tranquility of the grounds. It is a lovely place!

    I recall the banana "essence" vividly. It sounds like it would be a strange, intrusive taste but, on the contrary, it was most welcome.

    Nothing like a chilled crisp rosé on those blazing hot Tucson evenings! What did you open?

    Thanks for writing!

  11. I also want to tell you what a wonderful Bastille Day post you wrote! Muriel's tomato tart is one of our very favorite recipes. Reading your post so inspired us that we turned on the oven on one of the most hot and humid days of the summer just to cook the tart! It was delicious!

    I encourage our readers to read David's recent post on http://cocoaandlavender.blogspot.com/ …you won't be disappointed!

  12. Okay, so where can I buy this wine? Is it expensive? I have to have it!

  13. Looks lovely, might have to seek it out. Then again, we drink far too much rosé here as it is, we don't really need the encouragement!

  14. Hi Susan, I just want to say "lovely" and in that it lets you know that we are still reading and enjoying your blogs.

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