1. Thanks so much for the detailed description of several of the wineries in the Luberon. Like you, we've been spending time in the Luberon for a number of years, based in Bonnieux. You wrote about several wineries we've very familiar with, but also helped us learn about some wines and wineries that are new to us… ideas for our next visit in a few weeks.

    I'm really sorry that you didn't have a positive experience at Chateau la Canorgue. We've been drinking Canorgue wine and visiting their tasting room for eight years now. The wine is excellent, and we've always been very warmly greeted and hosted.

    The Margans' daughter Nathalie joined her father at the winery several years ago, and is now the winemarker, still with his support. Despite the interest in the movie A Good Year, they definitely have their focus on making excellent wines and engaging with their customers… not on being a tourist destination. (And I've never seen a tour bus there… that comment surprises me.)

    Maybe there was something else going on the day you visited… I hope you'll give them another chance!

    Kathy Wood

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for your kind words about Chateau La Canorgue. They reinforce my thoughts that our experience was not typical…nonetheless it was disappointing for our foursome who were very much looking forward to tasting a few wines from this particular chateau.We will try again next summer and, in the mean time, we will continue to enjoy their wines.

    By the way,readers, if your are looking for an excellent tour, Kathy and her husband organize what I hear is a wonderful Luberon experience! Check them out at http://www.luberonexperience.com/

    Thanks for writing!

    Best regards,

  3. What a great tutorial, Susan! It really did help to understand better all the different regions and appellations. Brava! I see that we missed several wonderful wineries while there – including, with apologies to Pierre, Aurento – so I guess we will need – yes, need – to return! À bientôt, j'espère… ~ David

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