1. Now, there you go making us want to go to Provence again! The tasting and the dinner both sound delight-filled. Will you manage to recreate any of your dishes for us? The Tiramisu-à-Tomates sounds especially good to me, too! ~ David

  2. A fun read on La Coquillade! Merci bien! And I appreciate the small carte
    which localizes the village for me: Not too far east of Avignon. Perhaps I'll
    get there un de ces jours / one of these days.

    That Vaucluse blanc 2011 which has 'beaucoup de graisse' (the good kind!) sounds
    awfully good, especially with that light white fish you had.

    And, yes, the region sounds enchanting from April to October. Wonder if they
    had the quantity of rain that Normandy did last spring: lots and lots!

    The word 'coquillade' I am unable to locate in my dictionaries. Is this a
    variant on the spelling of the bird's name? Sounds like a lovely creature to behold.

    All the best et à bientôt,

    PS Spent four weeks à Paris July-Aug. (even with my bothersome knee I was able to get around just fine, albeit at a rather slow pace.) with wonderful friends, fine expos, promenades, good food & wine, excellent pastries(!), etc. And oveer three weeks of lovely weather.

  3. My husband and I were there for dinner this past summer. As you wrote, everything about it was lovely: the setting, the service, the meal, the price. I regret that we did not know that we could visit the winery. Next time!

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