1. What an amazing and fun evening that was! And the evening before, as well, when we discussed the plan for the menu. The comment about "street lights in Paris on a foggy evening" made us want to watch Midnight in Paris when we returned. In fact, we have been on a French movie kick ever since. Thank you both for a truly memorable visit – we opened a rosé last evening and thought of you. ~ David

  2. Terrific post! Please let us know about your plans to take groups over to Provence!

  3. Rose Wine Tasting is certainly a lot more fun than 50 Shades of Grey !! At least you have two hands free to write down your responses.
    Themes are always a pleasure to create. With Rose Wines, I can picture whimsicle Pink elephants with trunks curled around long stemmed Pink wine glasses toasting each other as petals from Pink roses float to the ground. A fitting tribute to a fine Rose wine.
    Before you lock me up, thanks for the light entertainment and the much appreciated education on pink wines.

  4. Thanks for this thorough and entertaining article on rosé wines! I am going to forward it to a friend who lives in Provence and took us wine tasting at the fabulous winery of Le Chêne Bleu. (More on that in my next La Dolce Vita California post.) You have covered lots of wonderful information to share!

  5. Ok, Susan, I give up…my iPad and your blog don't like eachother.
    I loved this article….TOOD has chosen a couple of places to visit to taste roses…she, the beer drinker…
    I too am headed to Provence…… And I am so pumped, as I thought I had "had" my "France trip" for this year in January…but as TOOD so charitably pointed out…I'm not getting any younger!
    I have a domestic suggestion for you that is both fun and yummy…Charles and Charles Rose. If you buy a case of it (I did after tasting one bottle) there is, inside the case, a bumper sticker that reads "You CAN drink rose' and still be a BAD ASS!" — you've gotta try it! I would say things
    Ike cherry, watermelon, even maybe red raspberry… And give me some more! If you can find it and do taste it , let me know what you think?
    When are you going to France?

  6. When I read your comment, I opened a rosé so that we could toast to you and the others who made the evening so fun! I think you and Mark should return soon for Round II!

  7. Hi Ginny and Brian,
    Please send me your email(s) so that we may keep you posted. We will be returning to Provence soon to begin to set up this venture! Thanks for your interest–it will be fun!

  8. Do you think we could create a theme combing shades of pink AND shades of grey? hmmm….maybe not!

  9. Hi Kirsten,
    We will look for Le Chêne Bleu wines, especially the viognier, when we are in Provence (soon!). And, to my readers, I recommend Kirsten's blog, especially recent posts about Provence.

  10. Hi Lin,
    I am working with our tech person regarding the iPad challenges. I think we have them resolved for our website, http://www.rentourhomeinprovence.com, but with the blog, it is a little more challenging!

    Thanks for the recommendation–I will definitely look for that rose!

    And, very glad to hear that you will be heading over to one of your (our) favorite areas of the world soon!

  11. Hi Susan and Towney,
    I, too, am interested in your rozay wine tours. Please keep us posted.
    Brian Taylor

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