1. I have never been to Provence, but this article sure tempts me to make plans for a trip! I didn't realize that there were Roman ruins there, too.

  2. I recall a wonderful day that started in Orange with a tour of the theater followed by a wonderful lunch in the square and then a late afternoon visit to the Pont du Gard. Truly an amazing day – one we will never forget. Maybe some year we can return for an opera performance… David

  3. Vernis said, "Reading this issue about the festival in Orange, made me want to hop on a plane and make my way to this inviting town. Oh, well maybe one day…"

  4. Lovely pictures with which to reminisce! Have forwarded to my daughter who goes in July. Love your generous newsletter, for the short injections of the Luberon into staid English life, so thank you. Sometimes the longing to be back is almost unbearable!

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