1. Well, that wasn't what I expected to read this morning, but it was very interesting. So, no women, eh? And, as you mention "don't ask, don't tell" in reference to criminals, do you know how they feel about gay men?

  2. No women. That is clear. Although women are allowed to serve in other branches of the French military.

    As for gay men, they are not banned from serving but "being gay" falls into the category of qualities that make one unfit for service. So, it appears that one can opt out of the service on the basis of his sexual orientation. Interesting.

    I nearly covered this topic–gays in the FFL– in the post as well as other subjects that expose the underbelly of this branch of the French military and, also, the manner in which France has exploited this "foreign" branch (e.g., it is undoubtedly much easier to send foreigners off to a brutal war than it is to dispatch your own citizens). Since I wrote it in the context of going off to fight, I didn't; but there is clearly a long story there.

    I am glad you raised the issue.

  3. The French propaganda machinery has created the "allure" attached to this rag-tag group of lost souls and France has unabashedly exploited them.

    good piece, though.


  4. I also did not expect to read about this subject this morning, but found it informative and sparked my interest to read more. I enjoy Modern Troubadours! Thank you.

    Mary Jane Conary

  5. Reading your blogpost on postcards with the lovely collection of old cards took me on a nostalgic mind-trip, recalling one of my numerous trips to Malta before moving here. I usually stayed with my godparents in St Julians, and one night after dinner, my godfather, in an attempt to entertain me, brought out an old shoebox which was packed solid with old postcards! As my godparents were the parents of four boys, and my godfather was a career diplomat, there were dozens upon dozens of postcards between the boys and their parents, and even some from me to my godparents when I was working as social directress upon cruise ships! I spent the remainder of that evening with my godparents reading and admiring those old postcards…and later returned to America and culled my correspondence files, pulling all the postcards I could find in order to set up my own box of memories…which now, in today's world of iPads and emails hasn't gotten much attention lately! As another old favorite (song, this time)…Thanks For The Memories! xo : ) Cloe

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