1. After reading this fascinating truffle tree story I must go back and re-think my idea of getting a star named after me for future generations of Clark’s, and related kith and kin, to peruse under a telescope. A personal truffle breeding tree in the Midi is sometime not to just look upon, and likely will be standing for several hundred years.

    1. Very true. It’s your obligation to adopt one for future Clarks! You might need to adopt three!

      1. And here I had been working on my talk to the grandchildren about the star. “In a galaxy far, far away, your grandfather…”

  2. Oh, I can almost smell that pasta all the way here in Tucson! I am now seriously thinking of adoption… 🙂

    1. A truffle oak transitions into any family with little fuss! Wish we had you cooking in our kitchen and, of course, enjoying the truffled meals around the table!.

  3. Looks incredible! I’d love to be in your shoes! And what did you drink with your pasta??

    1. It was incredible (and still is, as we still have some truffle butter to play with). With the Spaghetti Carbonar, we had a 2001 Cotes-du-Rhone Villages Rasteau from Tardieu-Laurent, courtesy of fellow PWZ writer, Jerry. Fabulous combination! For the Penne, we had a simple Cotes-du-Rhone Villages from Famille Perrin, which was also a lovely marriage although missing the robust elegance of the first red wine. These two meals will certainly be highlights of the winter for us!

  4. Thanks for the memories! The truffle tour at Les Patras last year was a highlight of the tour (one of many!).

    1. Mary, That was a terrific evening, wasn’t it? We will take the tour groups there again this summer and perhaps to the “Grape Stomp” if we do the tour in September!

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