1. Very, very well-written reminder…merci.

  2. I loved this! Thank you….

  3. Thank you…wonderful article and the history about the other d-day in August. On our bucket list to visit Normandy and spend a couple days to see the memorials, tributes, the small fishing village and the historic countryside. Yes, the French and Italians do revere their heritage. Our country is so vast and spread out, we don't have the same sense of a collective, shared history.

  4. Beautifully written, Susan. If it helps you, I am a foodie and I didn't know it was Doughnut Day. I think it is very important to keep days like D-Day alive in our minds, lest we forget and let something terrible happen again. History does repeat itself, unless we keep it from doing so.

  5. A very good and thoughtful post. I've always been impressed when I've visited Normandy about how the French people take their young children to the American cemetery so that each generation never forgets the sacrifices that were made to free their country and Europe.

    Karen (Back Road Journal)
  6. This is an email I recently received: Beautifully
    written and thought provoking for many reasons. Countless times I have
    shared with people in conversation the experience of visiting Normandy
    with my children, though not on D-day. In all the travels with my
    children this visit will always be one of the most significant.
    Remembered for its excellence in educating visitors of the events that
    unfolded here during that WWII invasion (more thoroughly, more
    personally, more interactively) and decades earlier than any in the
    U.S.) and continues to speak volumes of the gratitude on behalf of the
    peoples saved. This point was driven home to the three of us when we
    were each
    briefly embraced by a woman of my parents' age when she noticed the
    tears in my eyes as she started to pass by us. Our visit happened to be
    on a day when classes of older primary school children were there. Each
    student had a small book on various world leaders – Stalin, Mussolini,
    Marx, Kennedy, DeGaulle, Hitler, Churchill, etc. I will never forget the
    engagement between the teachers and the students and wondered if it was
    partly due to the historical significance of this backdrop. A French
    soldier walked with us for a while and explained that it is a sight to
    see the one day each year when American soldiers return and walk through
    the crosses accompanied by school children, usually hand in hand. My
    son did make the comment in the car after leaving – "I don't think the
    French hate us."

    I picked up your subtle statement that here we are with US soldiers in
    dangerous places maintaining world safety while the citizenry reaping
    the benefit are barely affected, too busy to be supportive and choosing
    "reality" tv over being updated on world news/events. So sad

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