1. Lovely lovely lovely! We can't grow any of these very well in our harsh desert climate, but we find a substitute in Lavandula stoechas, Spanish lavender, native to the hottest, driest parts of Italy, Spain and Morocco. It has grayer foliage, and doesn't have the showy blossoms, but has at the blossom tips a cluster of sterile bracts that look like purple butterflies have alighted. We get what we can, where we can. So envy you your imminent trip to Provence during lavender season!

  2. I really wish I were going with you, Susan! To see and smell the field at the abbey would be amazing. I didn't know the difference between le lavandin and la lavende. That is definitely something to be aware of when buying lavender buds both for their fragrance and for culinary purposes! I cannot wait to see what photos you bring back!

  3. Top on my bucket list is to see the fields of lavender in Provence.

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