1. Susan, I am fascinated by this D-Day piece as I am in the midst of writing a novel about the French Resistance in the Southwest in 1944. In all the research I have done (tho' specifically not about Provence) I didn't know about this invasion. Tres interesant, en effet! I can't wait to get there and see the local memorials. Thanks for the "heads up"!

    PS- I do not understand the "profile" thing so I just picked one…

  2. So glad you all have started a newsletter. I love getting a weekly dose of Provence. I didn't realize that the areas around Lourmarin had such strong involvement in WWII. Thanks for the informative retrospective!

  3. When we first went to Lourmarin, about ten years ago, a good friend of ours introduced us to her octogenarian mother who had been in the French Resistance and whose husband had been involved in some manner with the invasion. I say “in some manner” because I was only able to decipher some of what this lovely woman was saying and have retained even less as the years have passed — my French language comprehension was not strong at the time and her French was spoken with a very rapid cadence and an especially strong Provençal accent. Nonetheless, I was captivated by her unadulterated stories of real bravery and everyday sacrifices; she spoke in the most matter-of-fact manner about these things, as if that was simply what was done in the name of humanity and their beloved country. She became very emotional and teary when she talked about the Allied invasion and of her especially warm feelings for the American troops she met. We had never heard about this “other D-Day” and were riveted. She brought out a dusty old box with a veritable treasure trove of period newspapers and photographs for us to see. It was important to her that people knew about the invasion and knew that Provence had played a role, albeit a small one, in ending the war. And, she wanted us to know how appreciative the French were – and still are – about the integral role Americans played in the liberation of France.

  4. Hi Susan, as promised….you should look up Jean Moulin, famous French WWII resistance fighter. When driving to one of our favourite villages, Eygaliere, we drive along the route Jean Moulin and that's how I found out about him….as I was curious why it was called route Jean Moulin….

    Lis 🙂

  5. Hi Lis,
    Monsieur Moulin sounds like a good topic for a future post! (hint… hint….) We, too, often go to Eygalière (Eygalières? I see it spelled both ways). I love their market and Chez Bru — have you eaten there? (Absolutely wonderful fare.) I will look for the route with his name! Thanks so much for your post!
    All the best,

  6. Dear Susan,
    Love the newsletter. It brings back out the sense of Provence . Keep up with it, but don't worry about a schedule. It's Provence , after all. The concept of a schedule can be kept loose. I am currently living and working in the UK ( Suffolk , England ). I have many fond memories of my short stay at your place a few years back. Work right now is long and hard, but if I can pry some time away, I'll consider a jaunt across "La Manche". I see from your website that you sold L'Oustalon. Is it still available to rent? Nothing firm in mind yet, but want to keep my info up to date.

    Looking forward to reading more and hearing back from you.

    Best regards,
    Tom Polito

  7. Hi Tom,

    So good to hear from you! Thanks for the positive feedback and encouraging philosophy about keeping a publication schedule (or not!).

    L'Oustaloun is definitely still available for rent. We were fortunate to sell that sweet place to a lovely woman, Pru, who continues to rent it. You may still go through http://www.rentourhomeinprovence.com to reserve a week (or two!).

    All the best,

  8. Why no mention of the Brazilian forces involved, there's a plaque on the beach at Cap Estrel. I know their involvement sounds improbable, but they were there.

  9. Where does one subscribe to the noted Provence NEWSLETTER? My wife & I recently vacationed in Aix and plan to spend 6-8 weeks in that area next year.

    Thanks! Jim B. In sunny FL

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