1. I have to say that I am in total agreement abotu the wonders of the TGV. My first experience was taking it to Lyon and changing to a train of not-such-grande-vitesse to get to Grenoble to visit friends for their wedding. It was a night-and-day experience and woudl do it again just to ride the train!

  2. We'll plan an itinerary in which we'll travel from point to point on the TGV…and you plan the menu! Deal?

  3. I recently bought rail tickets in the train station kiosk at Nice, to travel to Monaco, and paid with my chip Visa card, issued in New Zealand. It all worked beautifully!
    BTW I have accessed your site because I'm intending to return to Provence early in August next year, to see the lavender. Any hints?

  4. ESCAPE PARIS TO PROVENCE what that mean's…

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