1. What a wonderful blog. I'm not a licorice fan, but, who knows? I'll have to have some pastis when you return to PLAY SQUASH!!! (I hope you have a chance to play there).

  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts. We subscribe to France magazine in order to receive our "Everything French Fix," however reading your blog truly brings France into our home in a personal and fresh way. I am almost able to smell the lavander and the anise as you share wonders and delights of Provence and Lourmarin.

    Harry Doutt (Jan's husband)
  3. We enjoy reading "The Modern Trobadors." But we are envious! Just a year ago August 31 we arrived in Lourmarin and had such a lovely stay at La Bonbiennere – your writing brings back great memories – we will return!

  4. Harry, Merci beaucoup pour le bon commentaire! Stay tuned–I hope you will soon feel like you are back in the Lourmarin market! Amities, Susan

  5. Coucou Anonymous Ginny, I will be home soon, carrying sardines, to play squash!

  6. Bonjour Wanda and Dick,
    We were at the Cucuron market yesterday. As you know,it is a small but lovely market. We brought home a basket filled with cheeses, wonderful fruits and veggies–the beef steak tomatoes were worthy of a Cezanne painting and the figs were fabulous flavorful–honey, olives, a wine from Chateauneuf-du-Papei, and our favorite rotisseried chicken with pommes des terres supplementaires. It was a dejeuner extraordinaire in the courtyard of La Bonbonniere! Do come back! In the meantime, many thanks for your comments!

  7. Towney & Susan,

    You jogged my memory and taste buds to pull out my bottle of Ricard before the summer's over! Hope your holiday is going well. Nothing new to report here on the "home front".

    Great newsletter.

  8. Hi Jeff, We look forward to sharing some pastis with you and Janice! Many thanks for your post! Amities, Susan

  9. While still not hooked on drinking Pastis, I have to say that drinking it in the square in Lourmarin is a different story! It tastes just right in situ! I love using it in tomato-based soups, too – lacing each serving with a little as you serve!

  10. Coucou David, Doreen, and Mark,

    Will your blog be posting a recipe for a tomato based soup with pastis anytime soon?? Our readers can find wonderful recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world at: http://cocoaandlavender.blogspot.com/

    Thank you so much for your post….maybe you just haven't tried the right pastis!


  11. I absolutely can't wait to get to Loumarin and find the place to taste these treats…I have had Pastis and liked it but did not know there were artisanal ones…how does one get it "home"? Must you check a bag to get it on the airplane? or can you ship it reasonably?

  12. Hi Linda,

    Le Jardin d'Ugo is just around the corner from La Bonbonniere; there you will find a very good selection of artisinal pastises and absinthes. Nowadays as I know you know, sadly, it does require checking a bag unless you mail it home. I will check on the details of that option and post later…..good question! Merci bien.


  13. Susan and Towny,

    I would be really pleased to make my next blog entry the tomato-fennel soup laced with Pastis! It is a lovely summer soup! Check the blog (www.cocoaandlavender.blogspot.com) on the 8th!

    A bientot,

  14. C'est parti, David and our dear readers…a new expression for us, meaning "we are off and running." I guarantee that David's tomato-fennel soup avec pastis will be a keeper! Amities, Susan

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