1. What a great post Susan! My aperitif of choice is RinQuinQuin. Sometimes pastis.

  2. I'm with Kathy. I love this post. Maybe because I love the apero tradition and my favorite is also RinQuinQuin. Wish I liked pastis, but don't.

  3. Right on Susan! The apero lives on with us, though we made some adjustments since moving back from France in 1994. If we don't start with Champagne then it will likely be a German Reisling with a hint of sweetness. But as it was during the time we lived nearby my father-in-law Maurice (now 94), he still has the following on his alcohol cart when we visit him each June in Lyon: White Port, Martini Bianco, and Genepi. I still choose the Martini Bianco (rocks), as it revives the memory of so many wonderful Lyonnais meals we have shared together.
    With respect to Kir, it is not dead in France. The challenge is having it served with a creme de cassis with an alcohol content of 20%, which I was told many years ago represents juice taken from the first pressing of the fruit. The lesser alcohol offerings which abound today do not provide as rich a complement to the wine. Now that is something we should undertake – a creme de cassis tasting displaying varying alcohol levels.

  4. Hi Susan – Just had dinner with our friends Paul and Françoise Kinzel. They served Anjou Blanc Thibaud Boudignon as an aperitif. Quite yummy. Thanks for the good article! – Kirsten

    La Dolce Vita California
  5. I love how you say that pastis is an acquired taste but you acquired it right away! Me too- I am always amazed when people say they don't like it. But we also love, love, love Lillet!! We are so glad that you introduced us to that (in a previous post).

  6. Susan – I love this post! I also love the concept of «apéros» – I wish we could get this going «aux États Unis!» Sometimes, you want to socialize «un peu,» but not the entire evening. I think frequent «apéro» parties is a great idea! «À bientôt!»

  7. Well done, Susan. But then, again, you have always been a student of the apéritif!

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