1. How fortunate were we that your mother kindly shared some of her Joël Durand chocolates with friends in Tucson??  My favorite  was "L" for lavender – what a perfect little chocolate!  Thanks for sharing both your post and your chocolates – just lovely!

  2. What a pleasant surprise to receive a box of these wonderful chocolates on my birthday !!

    They are truly unique and fun to eat. They can be savored slowly to let the chocolate and the flavor combine, or eaten quickly to get on to the next ! Either way, they are delicious.

    My personal favorites are: Y- Coffee and Barley, N-Hazelnut Praline, or B- Anise with it's clean flavor and after taste.

    Thank you Susan, Towny and Alex for a terrific Birthday treat. Marilyn

  3. I love his chocolates and the beautiful shop! I always bring some home.

    Mary Norcross

  4. Hello, do you know what happened with Joel Durand site? It is closed? Thank you in advance!

  5. Olga, Whatever the issue was, it must have been temporary because it is working now. Thank Goodness…because we Joel Durand fans would not want to be without access to those yummy chocolates!

  6. Hi Susan, thank you for your reply! I was worried, because we Joel Durand's fans too! 🙂

  7. Thank you Susan. Now we can see that Joel Durand site is working. Have you tasted the Joel Durand's fruit jams? Could you please advice, what we should to buy more from his wonderful shop?

  8. Hi, in Joel Durand's shop also some fruits jams, spreads and creams. Have you tested them? Could you advise some of them?

  9. Hi Olga, I am sorry for my delay… I am in California! I LOVE the chocolate and caramel sauces!!! Also really like the fruit squares– can't think if what you call them. I'm jealous!! Let me know what you get!

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