1. I moved from my home in France (after twenty years there) and did it all by par la poste. The only exception was a painting that was too large so it came by another carrier. I mailed about 30 boxes over a period of two months and by the time I mailed the last one, I was "tu" to all the clerks. When I went back to Riberac the next time (18 months later) I was greeted warmly by the staff who were pleased to learn that all the packages had arrived safely (though not in the order in which they were posted).
    When I returned this summer (3 1/2 years after moving) I found that the post office had been remodeled and that all the clerks I knew had been replaced.Dommage!

  2. I love that story told in the comment above. Every time I think about it, I smile. thanks so much for sharing it!
    Best regards,

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