1. WOWZA! Susan! What a scoop! Yes, definitely keep us avid readers in the loop!

  2. You are the Nancy Drew of Oenology! (If only little Nancy were allowed to have wine… just think of what she could do!) Loved this story – and, like you, I don't really care one way or the other. But it is curious! ~ David

  3. Wow, incredible sleuthing Susan…a very informative and interesting read. You may want to think about creating a tour company geared toward foodies and wine lovers adventures. Thank you as always for another amazing story. Have your aunt and uncle Barbara and Max been over to visit while you've been in residence? Sounds right up their alley. ;0) Denise

  4. Thanks very much, Denise! I became curiouser and curiouser! And, no, unfortunately, we have not met up with Barbara and Max in Provence, but I have always thought we would have fun together there!

  5. Thanks, Kirsten. I will keep you posted but, I have a feeling that we will not get to the bottom of this caper!

  6. Ah, Nancy Drew…I was an avid fan and have some very old books that Alex read, too! Maybe I could start a new series for adults!

    You are right about whether it is bio or not doesn't matter as much as what happened. I always take note when a winery is "bio" because it does take more effort and more expense, but there are many wineries that employ sustainable methods that eliminate or reduce the need for pesticides but are not certified. The proof is ultimately in the bottle!

    Thanks, David, for your note!

  7. Curious minds want to know…but only Benjamin Button knows for sure. Will keep ear to the ground here in the Var for release of the Coteaux Varois and see what the label tells us. Kudos, Girl Snoop. Love the last photo, Towny. Très artistique.

  8. Yes Benjamin Button was on my mind as I wrote this post…I wondered who would be the first to mention him!

    Yes, as No.1 roving reporter, please keep us posted on the new wines!

  9. Speaking of curious…still want to know if there are trademark restrictions regarding use of the "Pink Floyd" name on the new Miraval labels in the U.S. as opposed to in France. Seems odd considering the Chateau Miraval Pink Floyd of the past was sold in the States. Do you suppose they're going to phase out the name PF but didn't want to alienate their French fans with first J-P-P offspring?

  10. O.K. Susan, remember the mysterious bottle of Pink Floyd "of old" (to take a peek, go to: http://tinyurl.com/k9kso9m) we spied on an internet site? Well, my Cotignac Deep Throat has gotten to the bottom of it. There is indeed a 2012 Pink Floyd in addition to the 2012 Miraval Côtes-de-Provence rosé. A limited quantity was produced to fulfill an evidently iron-clad contract with Société des alcools du Québec, the government-owned corporation responsible for the trade of alcoholic beverages within the province of Quebec. So, no label trumpery here. It was the real thing!

  11. this blog was perhaps the most interesting and mouth watering story yet !As a person who prefers rose' wine , and was once looked down their noses by those with more expertise, enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner without really thinking about it until I read the in depth dscription of the four wines. At that time I wish I could taste each one with with my newly educated taste buds and the expertise of a professional. I wish that we could have a real first class wine tasting in Southern Califotnia. Paul Chevalier would be a first choice.

  12. I received your email indicating that this comment was meant to appear under the post about the Chateau d'Esclans tasting in NYC. So, at your request, I have copied and pasted your comment there, too!

    Sounds like you were ahead of your time! I can see that there is a lot of interest in rose these days and in learning more about tasting it! In the end, what matters most is what you like…but, a professional tasting sure is informative and fun!

  13. Reading this one year later… 🙂 What struck me as reading this was the label graphic itself. It looks like stefana (orange blossom). Maybe they knew it would be mis en bouteille dans Orange?!?

  14. Cheffian, My guess is you've got a "bingo!" (Noting that the Pink Floyd, in the other graphic had a picture of the chateau inside the circle, now replaced with a circle/Orange). I don't know why folks aren't more straightforward, the truth usually comes out. That it wasn't bio would have been understood, but a potentially deliberate lack of clarity in the marketing not so much… very hard to repair trust. A smudge on such a pretty bottle…

  15. Who knew reading about sleuthing on the subject of a bottle of rose' label would be such a fun and interesting read? But it was! Great job Susan! I really enjoyed this story! 🙂

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