1. What a fun post, to learn the modest beginnings of Les Voiles. I would definitely want to visit the museum, as Vuillard and Bonnard are two of my favorite artists. Their narrative paintings are such beautiful depictions of "la vie quotidienne." Visiting St. Tropez otherwise might just remind me of some unfortunate former employers,,, I would definitely skip the glitzy parts!

  2. PS – I know now your frustrations of trying to comment using an iPhone. C'est impossible! A soon as you click 'publish' everything disappears. I will stick to the iPad! (I happens on my own blog, too!)

  3. You bet I'm reading…tho' sadly MoDachaidh will not be making the trip to France with me…perhaps in time I will find a daysailer to get us to St.Tropez.
    The folks who own the house I want have agreed to rent it to me until I get disentangled legally and my ETD for the Languedoc is about the beginning of December…you must come and visit!

  4. St. Tropez has been on my "to experience" list for a while. Thanks for bumping it higher! I really enjoyed Pamela's photography — she has a good eye.

  5. Excellent reading. Makes me feel like I were there.

  6. Beautifully written Susan. Wonderful photos from Pam O'Neill. D'Agneau, her little lamb is as sweet as ever. Towny's technical assistance from Berlin spot on as usual. This effort reinforces "it take a village" and how technology has expanded "our village" population. After Oracle's recent big win, the article is perfectly timed for those of us on the left coast. This vibrant buzz described in this wonderfully alive article is reminiscent of Formula ! at Monte Carlo. A "day" trip I took one year with my teenaged children landed us in St. Tropez after dark. Street performers included flame swallowers lighting up the night with excitement for the throngs of people still meandering the streets late into the night. We arrived in the wee hours at the home of our gracious hosts with memories of the gorgeous French Riviera to last a lifetime. This prompts me to return to St. Tropez to enjoy in the light of day. Thank you for this armchair trip…

  7. Great as always, Susan. I always learn something new from reading your blogs AND I LIVE HERE! This was a tough assignment for your roving reporter, especially having to swill all that Rosé. I'm expecting hardship pay. Thanks for including so many Lamb photos. You're a good Auntie. Bisous.

  8. Let's plan a trip…during the OFF-season! Less expensive and much more appealing! But, even at the height of the season (once you are there), it is a of fun!

    And on the subject of iPhones and blogger, why can't they work out their differences?!

    Thanks for your note from Venice!

  9. Linda, I will come to visit! This sounds like a long story. (I hope you are writing it!) I will look forward to sailing into Saint-Tropez!

  10. Hi Kirsten,
    It is a very vibrant place in the summer and a quietly charming place in the off season. I just wrote to David (above) that we should plan a visit there–you want to join us?!

  11. Thanks so much. It was a fun story to write although I may have to go back soon to do more research….sigh!

  12. I am sure that trip was most memorable for your children, too–what fun! (And Formula 1 at Monte Carlo has long been on our list of things to do!)

    Writing this piece was particularly fun–you are right that it did take both a village and a lot of technology, including a few telephone calls that are almost free these days!

    It sounds like a trip back to St-Tropez is definitely in order!

    Thanks for your wonderful response full of vivid detail!

  13. This was certainly one of your best blogs,Susan ! Maybe those stern looking shop owners are smarter than we think. If every request to use the restroom brings a guilt ridden patron with a load of purchases like you, the cash register would go Ca-Ching Ca-Ching all day long ! They are probably laughing
    all the way to the bank!! The photographs by Pam O'Neill and Towny Manfull are outstanding !! Maybe they should Quit their day jobs. Now, if you had received just one dollar for every glass of wine you have shown in your blogs, you could drive to the Nikki Club and show the valet what a really expensive car looks like !!

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