1. I would like to try a bottle of Garrus for my next birthday. I'm hoping one of our wonderful Portsmouth wine stores will secretly put one away and recommend it to my husband. It would certainly be much cheaper than a trip to Paris!

  2. Part of the charm of the early books by Peter Mayle was his description of the community activities found in some little known locations. I recall his describing how he would bring his own jug to the local wine cooperative in (in Bonnieux I believe). I see quite a stretch from Rose wine from the co-op in a plastic jug to $95 a bottle versions. Are we all just victims of a superb marketing campaign? I’ll can’t say about the wine itself, but the price certainly bedazzles.

  3. Any party at the Manfull's is sure to provide interesting people, good food, fine spirits and plenty of craic.* Truly, a wine tasting party at the Manfull's is an invitation to be sought out and certainly not to be missed if you are among the chosen. Fortunately, Susan and Towny are inclusive to those who realize how life enhancing good friends, beautifully prepared food, fine music and delectable wines have proven to be for the many years, oh my, decades I have known them. Whispering Angel is next on my wish list. bonne nuit!
    *I could not find a French word/s for craic in any online translator! Seriously?

  4. Great way to put the cost in perspective–Your husband may buy you a case for your birthday!

    Unfortunately, it is not available in Portsmouth. But, you can find it at Urban Grape on 303 Columbus Ave in Boston. I worked with Yoko–she was very helpful and is very knowledgeable and she had visited Chateau d'Esclans. TJ,the owner of Urban Grape, was a wealth of information about wine, but, when I met him at the Chestnut Hill store, they did not have Garrus…but they did have Whispering Angel!

  5. Hi George,
    The good news–that I am sure even Peter Mayle celebrates–is that the wine you fill your jug with at the local cooperative is much better these days! I'm sure that you, like me, have had your share of awful wine out of those jugs in the Luberon!

    At the risk of sounding like I drank the kool-aid with the Garrus, these serious rosé producers helped to raise the bar in Provence.

    Yea, their marketing is very good…but so is the product!

    We have to get you up for another tasting!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  6. Oh, how I wish we had been with you all! What an incredible review of these wines, and the history of the rise in popularity of rosé! Thanks so much – I always learn so much from reading your posts! xox, David

  7. Well done you, Susan. Amazing post. Really. Informative, funny, and fab tasting notes. I can feel the wines in my mouth. You should be doing this professionally. I'm going to get myself to La Motte and taste the d'Esclans reds and whites for you and get me a bottle of Whispering Angel. But for now, it's time to hit the café and have a verre of ice crackling rosé (no comparison at 1.40€ a glass, of course!).

  8. Always on the cutting edge of cool language….I had to consult Urban Dictionary to learn about "craic." Great word…wonder if there is a French Urban dictionary? Hmmmm….

    Come back and we'll do some more tasting!

  9. I wish you could have been here, too. I'll supply the wine and you do the cooking. Okay? Maybe I'll serve the rosés I think would pair best with your meal and Towny can serve his selections….we'll see whose wines work best! Thanks for you nice comments, too.

  10. I will be there soon…let's make the rounds together…sans le Panda SVP. In the mean time, enjoy the village rosé!

  11. The picture of you at lunch, well it just made me happy!

  12. I love that place–Le Castelas in Sivergues, otherwise known as the "goat farm." It's not far from Lourmarin, although the drive up into the Luberon Mountains is very narrow and windy.

    When I was writing about how rosé can so easily transport people back to Provence, I kept thinking of Le Casteles and all the fun lunches (and dinners, too) that I have enjoyed there.

    Have you been there, Paul? You would like it.

    Thanks so much for the comment–it made me smile!

  13. Je suis le professeur de Francais de Susan, et je voudrais bien gouter votre vin qui s'appelle Garrus, mais peut-etre Whispering Angel serait preferable parce qu'il est moins cher! Merci beaucoup.

  14. Hi Susan, Thanks so much for popping by I Dream Of last week. It's so funny, while we were in Provence I had been researching some villages a friend had recommended, looking for some good spots to grab lunch. I came across your blog and found it quite helpful! So thanks so much for helping to make our little adventures more delicious.

  15. Susan–When are you going to open your bottle of Garrus?

  16. Chere Janine,
    We will have to open a bottle during one of my French lessons–maybe my French will be better!

  17. Hi back Jeanne,
    I am so glad that The Modern Trobadors was helpful! I am thoroughly enjoying your evocative posts and just chimed in on your comment "conversation" about fall!

  18. Hmmm….I am not quite sure. I would like to hold out a year, but don't know that I will be able to resist.

    I will be tasting some 2010 and 2011 Garrus (as well as some other Château d'Esclans rosés) in October at the NY Wine and Food Festival. Paul Chevalier will be talking about "The Rosé Lifestyle of St. Tropez" as he pours. Here is a link:

    The event is Sunday, Oct 20 2:30p to 3:45p and is $85. Let me know if you go!

  19. Are you going to the New York Food and Wine Show to taste some Chateau d'Esclans rose?

  20. Here is the information about the same tasting–but with Sacha Lichine–in Boston at the Wine Expo on February 15th.

    11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Chateau d'Esclan – Sacha Lichine



    Join Sacha Lichine, the son of influential wine writer, wine merchant and Bordeaux Chateau owner, Alexis Lichine, for the Rose tasting of your life! Sacha, who attended college in Boston, will be presenting his Provencal wines from Chateau d'Esclans. While dry rose wines have returned to fashion in the U.S., they have long been the wine of choice on the dining tables of southern France. D'Eslcans has a notably talented winemaker in Patrick Leon. Leon directed winemaking at first growth, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild and associated Chateaux and consulted on Opus One and Almaviva. He is in charge of the cellars at d'Esclans and produces four unique roses there: Chateau d'Esclans Rose, 'Whispering Angel' Rose, 'Les Clans' Rose, and the highly regarded 'Garrus' Rose, a limited production wine that has been referred to as 'the best Rose on earth'. Don't miss this unique opportunity to welcome Sacha back to our fair city and taste the fruits of his labors in this lovely corner of southern France.

    2013 Château D'Esclans "Whispering Angel" rosé
    2012 Château D'Esclans rosé
    2011 Château D'Esclans "Les Clans" rosé
    2011 Château D'Esclans "Garrus" rosé
    2010 Château D'Esclans "Les Clans" rosé
    2010 Château D'Esclans "Garrus" rosé

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