1. Can you do some sleuthing around the chateau-neuf-de-pape wineries. I expect you'll find a lot of slight-of-hand action. Or, better yet, start in California! Really enjoyed these posts. A faithful admirer (……of your post)

  2. Aha! If one were a Hardy Wine Boy, he might imagine that M. Perrin has a Google Alert set up and, when your post aired, he read it, followed by your email that had been sitting in his inbox marked "undread", thus his immediate and sudden response. That is, IF one were a Hardy Wine Boy. ~ David

  3. Thanks for your positive feedback. My grandfather worked in the wine industry when California wineries were very small family-run operations. I wish he were here to tell some stories!

  4. I suspect the Hardy Wine Boy is on the right trail. Glad you are following the case!

  5. Excellent Reading – looks like some great recipes !

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