1. Hi Susan, we have been to Pont du Gard twice and each time we marvel at it's majesty and beauty and the skill of the Romans who built it, but then my mind switches to Millau Viaduct, a modern marvel, the beauty is, you can see both of these wonderful viaducts on one trip, as they are both in France.
    Thanks again

  2. Great article, Susan! I especially like the addition of the Rousseau and James quotes. I am so glad we got to see it when we were there – it is truly a magnificent architectural and engineering feat! ~ David

  3. Such a beautiful and descriptive blog ! It's unbeleivable to realize that the Romans knew so much about design. and lasting durability. It makes the pyramids of Egypt look primative. Unless an unforseen catastrophy should occur, I'm sure that aquaduct should be standing for many generations.

  4. My first introduction to the Pont du Gard was when I walked into a colleague's office at my college in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and saw an Air France poster featuring it. I had never seen anything so majestic and beautiful. Then and there I decided that I had to see it. Two years later, on my first visit to France, I did. I was fortunate to have had a classical education and therefore I was aware of the Romans' engineering skills but this beats all (although I have not yet seen the Parthenon)

  5. Hi Paul,
    I would LOVE to see that bridge….although the thought of driving across it unnerves me, I will do it when I finally get there. I have included a link here for readers who are not familiar with the beauty, the grace, and the immenseness of it:

    Thanks so much for your note!

  6. I thought those quotes really capture what one feels when the Pont du Gard is first seen. We had a fun day, eh?!

  7. The Romans continue to amaze me! I would still like to see those Egyptian pyramids and would especially like to visit Malta where, my friend Cloe, who runs tour groups in Malta, says there is the "oldest freestanding architecture in the world." (Are you reading this Cloe?)

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  8. I think that the Parthenon would elicit the same feelings of awe, don't you? Built a few hundred years before the Pont du Gard, it still radiates majesty. Is it on your list?

    I enjoy being stopped in my tracks, bowled over by such great accomplishments. I wish it happened more often.

    Thanks very much for your note.

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