1. How fun that all those performers – even if not perfectly up to snuff – were there to remember and celebrated Édith Piaf! I love Angélique Kidjo and Madeleine Peyroux – how fun! I have always thought that Harry Connick, Jr. was really quite talented, and not so surprised at Patricia Kass' presentation. Oh, I wish I had bee with you! I guess I will be heading off to bead with La Vie en Rose in my head. Not such a bad thing, eh? ~ David

  2. I wish you could have been there, too! The music was terrific and it was so much, well, fun!

    In a completely different genre of music–that you would have loved– we stopped by the Cloisters on the way to hear/experience "The Forty Part Motet." Forty B&W speakers are set up in an an oval shape in a 12th c Spanish Chapel–each speaker plays one voice from the Salisbury Cathedral Choir singing a 16th composition. In a NYT piece on the "exhibition," it was described as as "transcendent." It was very moving.

    So, two very different musical experiences within 24 hours!

  3. I'm glad I was one of the lucky recipients of the tickets! Amazing performance and Mom captured the Kass "experience" perfectly… And for anyone who hasn't already, watch the film based on Piaf's life, La Vie En Rose, inspiring for all of us.

  4. Nice to see a happy group enjoying themselves ! Wouldn't it be a wonderful surprise for her to know that she hasbeen remembered in such an adoring way.. Long live her memory for generations to come.

  5. Alex, It was a very fun evening, wasn't it?! Even the (few) performances that did not speak to us have provided us with lots of conversation. Thanks for your comment!

  6. I, too, wonder what she would think if she were able to see that her songs still generate such enthusiasm and her story such inspiration. And, it was indeed a happy group!

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