1. Oh, Pal, thanks so much for all the tips and for your priceless experience!
    My name is Maggie and I am a strawberry blond Shih Tzu of about te same age you were when you made the journey to France. I hope to live with my mistress in the Languedoc…quite near to the part of France where you were.
    I have been hearing about the airplane and the train…but I really didn't know how it would be from a dog's perspective and I feel so much better now since my mistress read your blog to me. I will be traveling with my brother who is a (very nice) cat. My mistress is hopeful that she can find a friend to travel with us so she doesn't have to manage both Paddy and me on the train…
    Was it really OK to piddle in the airport? I think I would just die of embarrassment I I had to do that.
    Anyhow, thanks so much for your point of view on this traveling thing and the life in France…I have already learned "Ici" nd assiez toi"

  2. With a play on words, we could call this "An American Dog in Provence"
    Her mistress, Alex was spending a semester in a French school and she missed Pal so much that her folks flew her over.
    All the waiters in townknew Pal and had a meal for her when she came in. This was a unique experience for this American dog. She was usually humilated by a big "No Dogs allowed" sign.In France she was greeted by a smiling group who was ready and willing to cater to her every wish. This brought back memories of Pal sitting on a "person" chair with a napkin tied around her neck ! So this truly unique dog was something for everyone to enjoy.
    She was a star, a true diva, so thanks for reminding us that this experience was memorable for both French and Americans.
    Fortunetly we still have Pal and she hasn't aged a bit!! She must have discovered tht famous French melon !!

  3. excellent story.

  4. This made me cry. Beautifully written. D'Agneau and I have such happy memories of Pal and can relate well to his feelings. We miss you and love you Pal! Please come back and visit us. Bisous.

  5. Mom, this is lovely! Based on "Pal"'s little writeup here, I fear she has set some impossibly high standards for when she comes to visit me in New York City… 🙂

  6. Hi Maggie,
    You will have so much fun because you can go so many places with your mistress. Your brother, being a cat, will not be able to join you (but, that's okay, eh?!).

    Your mistress and my owner will have to talk. I know she was surprised to read of your plans!

    Ah, the piddling…very embarrassing but what's a dog to do? My owner said that there are patches of grass outside the terminal but we were rushing for the TGV inside the airport terminal.

    Thanks so very much for the note!

  7. Thanks for the lovely feedback, Kirsten. It was fun to write, too! Hope you are staying cool out there in the San Joaquin Valley!

  8. Yes, you are right! Pal is a star! And,the French did adore her.

    I am reminded of a funny story~ A dear friend who visited us many times in Provence attended a lecture in Fresno, California by a French woman who had spent much time in Lourmarin. After the lecture, my friend asked the speaker if she, given Lourmarin is so small, knew us. She said "no" that she didn't think she did to which my friend said, "Oh, I thought you might because they were often at Cafe Gaby with their beagle." The woman then exclaimed, "Oh, the Americans with the beagle! Okay, I don't know them but I recall their dog!"

  9. Hi Pam and D'Agneau,
    I love your note and would return in a heartbeat but, I have a feeling my flying days are over. D'Agneau is so lucky to be able to fly IN the interior portion of the airplane! So you must visit me!

  10. She's rather quiet around company. Perhaps, with all the positive feedback from her story, she will write more!

  11. Ah, Alex, Pal would be in dog heaven hanging out under your new table with you!

  12. I wish Pal had known Dylan, my Welsh Terrier! Their lives didn't quite coincide on the same timeline, but they'd have been great friends. Dylan had a Birthday Party every year in August (he was a Virgo…always insisted on having the last word!) and then he'd write thank you notes for his b'dy presents, and he carried on a lively correspondence with his special people friends in the U.S. and in Malta (where he never visited). I couldn't bring him with me when I moved here as the pet immigration laws at the time still required a six-month quarantine, which I knew neither he nor I could survive. Dylan, too, was every inch a people dog! Thanks for the great read…and Spirit Greetings from Dylan to Bilbo, whom I remember with greatest fondness and joy! ; )

  13. Lovely blog, and adorable dog! Makes me miss my family in Biarritz, I have to go back soon!

  14. Brilliant! I love this story and look forward to the series as Pal has been quite the adventurer and known some interesting folks in her day. Some, I too know, and would love to hear Pal's memories of time spent together. She has led a charmed life while charming humans of all ages near and far. A note to Alex – while visiting you in NYC it is imperative Pal avoid the one lab mix who is allowed, possibly encouraged, by his walker to misbehave. Susan will know to whom I refer…Much love to all and THANK YOU for the beautiful story of one year in the life of the loving Beagle, Pal.

  15. Oh Cloe,
    Pal would have loved Dylan! The similarity of Dylan's inquisitive personality, as captured in the photo, with that of Pal's, as seen in her photo, is eerie. Thanks so much for sending that along! And thanks for the spirit greetings to our Bilbo Baggins.

    As always, thanks for your interesting comment.

  16. Hi Ahu and welcome to TMT! Your blog is inspired and I look forward to exploring it more.

    Family in Biarritz?! How lucky! Hope you do get to visit them soon.

    Thanks for your note!

  17. Hi Paws! Thanks for your sweet note. I will indeed give Alex a head's up about that incorrigible doggie in the neighborhood (although, really, his behavior was the fault of his walker!).

    You have witnessed many of Pal's adventures. I think she's do for another soon!

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