• Sigh. Just… sigh. Did I just… sigh?

    This sounds like one of those "heaven on earth" moments that will be with you for a lifetime. Lovely writing, and – to Pamela – lovely photos.


  • Joanne

    Next time, put me in your suitcase, please! Heavenly….

  • Kirsten Honeyman

    Wonderful garden sculptures by Nathalie Decoster! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Linda

    Certainly made me miss France, specifically Provence.

    What a great blog post. Thanks so much!

  • Claire

    OK I'm ready to repeat this entire trip. The gardens, wine, food and lodging. Sign me up. Beautiful blog post

  • Okay…I'll go again with you!

  • Thanks for the kind words…this was a fun post to write… although gathering the material was the most fun!

  • They were whimsical and peaceful, a combination I had not imagined. I think you would really enjoy the property, Kirsten.

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