1. We will be in New York City in less than two weeks and had hoped to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art… now I know we'll definitely go. Thanks for this article!

  2. Wish I could go! I will never forget seeing my first Cezanne at the National Gallery in London; Sunflowers, Van Gogh's Chair. Your article was very informative. I learned a lot I never knew. Thanks!

  3. I love these portraits of Hortense, and think she looks quite patient. If Mark made me it that still, there would be hell to pay,

  4. Kathy, you will not be disappointed! Let me know what you think! Afterwards, go see the Leonard A. Lauder Collection of Cubist Art, up through February 16, also an exceptional exhibition.

  5. Sharon, So glad you liked the article and, yes, there is nothing like the arts to inspire us and stay with us forever!

  6. Not many people could (or did) endure the long sessions Cézanne apparently demanded. I read that Cézannewould frequently take 20 minutes in between brush strokes!

  7. Mark, I LOVED this video! To my readers: do watch at least the first 20 minutes as the narrator, Monty Don, makes his way to Jas de Bouffan (just outside of Aix) where Cézanne painted many garden scenes. I have never been there but it is definitely on my Provence bucket list now. Here is a link with information about visiting it: . Thank you, Mark!

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