1. I think Forcslquier is terribly under rated–I love it too!

  2. What a seductive invitation…for next time. Lovely pictures and impressions.

  3. Nice job on Forcalquier! Cool to see the Absente poster with a drunk Van Gogh to the left of the door in your Distilleries photo. We went to Forcalquier expressly for that poster, having seen one in the "cave" under the chateau in Lourmarin and been told that we could only get it in Forcalquier. We bought one which we hung on the wall of our "Provencal porch". Also, if you don't know it yet, don't miss Giono's "L'Homme qui plantait des arbres" and the Canadian animated film of the same name made from it; it's a wholly inspiring ecological tale of the difference that one person can make. And the animation is WONDERFUL! David and Trisha Flaccus

  4. And there is much that I did not mention!

    Forcalquier's architecture is really lovely–the cinema, for example, has a beautiful entrance off the main square which, in the 17th century, was the facade of the Convent of the Visitandines.

    The area surrounding Forcalquier is also very pretty–lots of farmland and rolling hills, dotted with bories (small stone huts that I am always intrigued by).

    Why is it so underrated?

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. There is always more to do and see in Provence!

    Thank you for your note!

  6. David and Trisha,

    So very good to hear from you! I hope you are both well.

    I love that poster, too, and have a very small version in our kitchen. I recall when you were decorating that porch!

    I have not read the book you mention although I have read much about it. Nor have I seem the film but I will look for it. Giono was a very interesting man who was often misunderstood in his own time.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  7. I think that part of its allure is that it isn't overly touristed! It is definitely on my list for a future visit. Is it a nice area to stay for a week? Thanks, Susan, for another eye-opener! ~ David

  8. Love the atmospheric description of the market, the ruined citadel, etc. And of course the pictures. Is that a Deaux Cheveaux? It reminds me in its not-too-distant quaintness of the Fiat 500s that swarmed the streets of Italy in the 1970s. The hat lady is a great shot, and the bag lady looks like she deserves a story of her own! – Mark

  9. What an eye dazzling array of brilliant and beautiful colors !! How does one ever choose ? Such an exciting place to shop. The pictures are spectacular.

    Wish I could arm myself with a LARGE shopping bag and go there now !!

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