1. A good meal to have in chilly Provence. We've had snow too!

    Thanks for the nice post. I think I may pick up a wedge of raclette at the market this week– maybe from the handsome cheese man in cucuron! (Wink, wink)

  2. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a raclette dinner while in Portsmouth. There is nothing like it. Trying to describe how delicious it is would be impossible. The fun of the dinner and the comradely of the guests far surpasses any ordinary meal.
    I highly recommend purching a raclette machine. You'll

  3. continued from above–you'll find you have new friends begging to get an invitation to a great experience!

  4. We had our only raclette in Québec City on a cold, autumn day. Loved it! May need to research a raclette grill for Tucson! ~ David

  5. hi, which restaurant in Interlaken did you enjoyed Raclette?

    Do share.


  6. It's so fun to hear from someone who actually uses a Raclette grill. My husband and I were first introduced to Raclette at a Swiss restaurant in our hotel in Ecuador while visiting an American school abroad. We were there with your Aunt and Uncle at the time and we very much enjoyed the beautifully appointed restaurant, the company and the Raclette meal. We tried to relive the experience at home with our family and our own Raclette grill unfortunately our family was less than impressed. The grill has been nested in it's storage space ever since. You may have inspired me to dust the box off and bring it back out. A lovely read as usual Susan.

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