1. I think this will be a great addition to the Lourmarin week! I have often thought that a twice-a-week market would be a good thing, especially when I forget something at the weekend market! I also like that this new market features local celebrity chefs! Now I have yet another reason to return to beautiful Lourmarin! ~David

  2. I think it sounds like so much fun! As you know, I had intended to write about The Stein Collection at the Met in NYC (a fabulous show, dominated by artists who loved the South of France), but this Tuesday evening market grabbed my attention so thoroughly that I had to feature it!

    So, readers, stay tuned for next week–here and with Cocoa and Lavender–for thoughts about the Stein collection,the family and friends who collected all those wonderful paintings, and their favorite desserts!


  3. We are in Bonnieux now! Will let you know how it is!
    Ciao! Tommy and Anne

  4. Susan,
    All of your Farmers market articals have been interesting and entertaining, but who knew that Farmers Markets have become one of the hottest trends this year !!
    I just read where so many people are talking about eating food grown locally that they've inspired a growing movement and have created a new word:"LOCAVORE",which means someone who prefers food that hasn't moved a long distance to market.
    So tell all those nice people in Lourmarin that they were ahead of their times and were the first to start a new trend in the U.S.A. !!

  5. Truly, I didn't need another reason to hope to return to Lourmarin. Especially having been able to spend time there during my three favorite seasons – fall, winter and spring. Summer has always appealed to me with the lavender blooming profusely in the fields of Provence. And now a Tuesday night market! What is better than shopping outdoors in a beautiful village with wine in hand and divinely prepared victuals to sample while meandering the tables of locally grown sun ripened fruits, vegetables beyond compare,fresh meats, and all the tasty olives, oils, vinegars? – mmmmmm
    It's time again to explore the Luberon.

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